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The clients are the most important for us, and they get the focus of each activity that we to do. In this sense, this is applied on the whole of our organization, listening and understanding the needs.

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The international financial reportings standards are the principles set that bring a reasonable structure to the accountability and financial information of the organisations. These standards will conform the universal financial language that uniforms the financial information and facilitate the markets interataction and a forward step to goblalization.

The organisations that adopt the IFRS owe to considerate processes overhaul and a new theoretical-practical trainee.

Euroempresarial S.A., owns local and international experience for the advise, teaching, change management and implementation of IFRS.

Tax audit.

Our Tax Audit service in Colombia is based on the requirements of the Law 43  1990, Law 145  1960, and according to the Commerce Code and the  laws.

The focus of Tax Audit is  on the risks business identification, review of the key business processes, evaluation of the internal control and the  reasonability on of the  financial statements being sure  the statutory and legal duties have been  fulfilled.

External audit.

The External Audit is carried out according to the general audit accepted rules with the purpose to express an opinion as external auditors. The financial statements are prepared by the management of the organisation under the accounting  generally accepted principles and practices, in the exercise of the following activities:

* Financial Audit.

* Due dilligence.

* Key Business Processes  review.

* Specific structures design and internal control system reviews.

* Review of the accounting generally accepted rules in the United States of America, and the Accounting International Rules for foreign report purposes.

Money laundering prevention.

Our consulting, and auditing activities  have taken us to the Money Laundering Prevention into the Financial Sector and the use of specialized software in the banking system which includes a complete worldwide database checking politically expose persons and black lists.

Informatics consulting.

Understand the business risks for give solutions that assure the data protection, the quality of processes, the integrity, availability and privilege of information is the target of the informatics consulting to direct to the following services:

Strategy – Develop of strategic plans of applied systems, electronic commerce strategies, technologies selection and vendors, new systems implants and quality of service.

Informatics Security – Architecture design security, electronic commerce security, networking security, tools selection, penetration studies, and contingency planning.

Audit – Processes evaluation, application controls, tests automation, data analysis, third party assure services and internal audit outsourcing.

Training – Systems audit, informatics security, electronic commerce security, electronic commerce strategies, contingency planning.